We believe every child has a unique character and an individual personality that can be identified, developed and refined. It is for this reason we have created a unique learning system that caters to a child’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual developmental needs. We call it the Maxfort Integrated Personality Development – MIPD.

The system helps a child find identity, meaning and purpose through academics, sports, extracurricular activities and humanitarian values. It enhances one’s confidence, improves communication and language speaking skills, expands the boundaries of thinking and imagination, develops hobbies and skills, adds elegance and etiquette to presentation skills and overall empowers every child with a positive ambition and a yearning to excel. Our aim is to not only turn every child into a great student but also help her / him transform into a progressive thinker who is ready to change the world andmake a mark.

Our teachers are trained to facilitate this holistic development and are equipped with multiple tools to bring out a child’s abilities and powers for making herself / himself aware of the inner self and become confident to face the world. Substantial research has been done by reputed educationists before creating a set of programmes that engage the child in a wonderful learning journey for the mind, body and soul.

The fusion of initiatives by the school and an enthusiastic participation by parents, results in an assured and bright future of the students



Maxfort School, a landmark of Rohini in North-West Delhi, is among the pioneering institutes that support progressive education in India. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is the proud recipient of the British Council International School Award (ISA)

Given a conducive environment, every child is educable. We respect the diverse capabilities of each child. We recognize that each child has the right to access knowledge and skills. Keeping in view the evolutionary changes and the changing face of society, there arises an urgent need to develop an ever-evolving curriculum so that children get the finest, balanced and complete education to prepare them for the world outside.
We seek to empower them with a solid foundation of knowledge, life-skills and help them to evolve into socially conscious and responsible individuals

Education, for us, is an invitation to a child to explore, not impose. To fire his imagination and encourage him to fearlessly ask ‘why?’ without any preconceived notions. To patiently lure him towards a path of discovery and to find his own answers after considering all possible view points, and have fun while doing it all! Only then is a child creatively inspired and truly empowered to take on the challenges of life.

We seek to empower them with a solid foundation of knowledge, life-skills and help them to evolve into socially conscious and responsible individuals


We believe children of today are the torchbearers of tomorrow. While our methodology works towards building academic excellence, we successfully balance the rigour of curriculum and examination with social and emotional learning. Leading to a holistic development of body, mind and soul. And giving children a soumd foundation to grow up into enlightened and responsible adults.


We are committed to honour traditional values and nurture young minds to possess moral insights. At the same time, we equip our young learners with the expanding horizons of modern technology. Our education is a perfect blend of our cultural legacy and technology enhanced awareness. Instilling every child with confidence and a well-balanced personality.


In our endeavor to create morally sound and aware individuals, we lay great emphasis on the core values. In this regard, The Ramakrishna Mission plays an important role to help students develop into socially and morally responsible citizens.